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Partnering for research excellence

Partnering with other organiSations and projects is vital for nuvoteQ as it enhances collaboration, expands our reach, and fosters innovation, ultimately benefiting our clients by providing access to a broader spectrum of resources and expertise.




Clinical trial investment boost in Africa

This project aims to increase Clinical Trial investments in Africa by enhancing the visibility of African clinical trialists and research sites and providing transparent access to country-specific regulatory and ethics procedures for sponsors.

Comprehensive profiling:

The platform offers profiling for researchers, research sites, service providers, and regulators, enhancing visibility and accessibility.

Digital feasibility requests:

Sponsors can send feasibility requests digitally, streamlining the decision-making process.

Discussion forum:

A collaborative forum fosters communication and knowledge sharing among stakeholders.

Registries integration:

Seamless integration with Clinical Trials Registries enhances accessibility to critical information.

RHInnO Ethics


Transforming research ethics review

RHInnO Ethics is a cloud-based platform designed for Research Ethics Committees (RECs) and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to streamline and enhance the ethical review process for global health research.

Web-based submission:

Enables cost-effective, web-based submission of REC applications, reducing printing and transport expenses.

Online administration:

Facilitates online administration of RECs, leading to improved turn-around times.

Digital review:

Enhances efficiency, transparency, and accountability through the digital review of applications.

External reviewers:

Allows subject matter experts to be included by inviting external reviewers, contributing to comprehensive and informed ethical review processes.

RHInnO Ethics
EDCTP Alumni network

EDCTP Alumni network


Fostering excellence and collaboration in the next generation

The EDCTP Alumni Interaction Platform aims to enhance the impact of fellowship schemes by creating an online community for EDCTP Fellows, both current and past, fostering collaboration and tracking the influence of these funding initiatives on African researchers.

Virtual community platform:

Developed an online platform with registration and login capabilities for EDCTP Fellows.

Research profiles:

Collects and publishes research profiles of fellows and their affiliated African institutions.

Grant trends analysis:

Analyses and publicises grant trends among members and institutions, facilitating joint research activities.

Key performance indicators:

Provides EDCTP with vital statistics on fellow production and retention in sub-Saharan Africa.



Online patient management

HealthBeat is a patient-centric online platform revolutionising digital engagement within the Intercare Group, providing patients with a seamless experience for managing healthcare needs, online bookings, and consultations with medical professionals.

Patient profile management:

Enables patients to manage their healthcare profiles conveniently.

Online bookings:

Facilitates online bookings for in-person GP and dental visits.

Online GP consults:

Offers scheduled and on-demand online consultations with general practitioners.

Mental health services:

Provides mental health support, including subscription plans, on-demand online consultations with registered counselors, and psychologists, enhancing patient well-being and healthcare accessibility.

RHInnO Ethics