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The Kronus Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), solution is a web-based system designed for the use of the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses and training, learning and development programmes.


The functionality within the platform allows for different CTMS processes to be configured, managed and tracked which include (but not limited to); 

Databases to manage Contacts, Authority and Regulatory tracking, Quality Assurance (Audits, Assessments, CAPA tracking),Project and Participant Management, Document Management (eTMF and eISF), SOP Training and Employee Performance Management.

All in one feature-rich, scalable package all while maintaining compliance every step of the way.

people module

The PEOPLE module of the KRONUS platform includes the core functionality one would find in most CTMS solutions today. The module is completely integrated with the rest of the platform and forms part of the foundation which makes the platform work.




•Ability to upload any kind of document against a personal profile or entity (PDF, Word, Excel, etc).

•Full audit trail and version control of document history.

•Automated reminders linked to documents with expiry date, i.e. GCP Tracking, license expiry.

•Ability to export the entire personal/entity profile along with links to the uploaded documents.


•Fully configurable.

•Load personal details.

•Add one/more secondary forms to personal profile (next of kin, medical aid information, banking details, etc).

•Link Qualifications to your profile.

•Link previous work experience to your public profile.

•Rank and rate your skills based on years of experience.

•Ability to search across entire employee base for specific skills needed for specific projects.


•Create and manage all company department(s).

•Multiple hierarchy levels.

•Linking of personnel to single/multiple departments(s), staff roles(s) and line manager(s).

•Create employee personal information profiles with customizable data points.

•Create and manage company staff role(s).

learning management

Our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of SOPs, Policies, Manuals, Templates, educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.



•Users can easily see the courses they are enrolled for, what they have completed and what is still outstanding. Coloured charts gives a quick overview of what still needs to be done.



•Admins can easily set up a new course, add learning material and even an assessment to test the user's understanding of the material. 

•The platform is mobile friendly and allows users to access the entire content library using different devices.



•With our Knowledge Assessment forms, Admins can easily create assessments to determine the understanding of the material that was given to learners to master.

•​Questions can be chosen from of a variety of types (single answer, multiple answer, etc), in order to create a very accurate assessment for your company's goals.


The features include (but are not limited to):

•Create learning programs in a few simple clicks, upload learning content and set user access by simply toggling a switch on an individual user or departments/roles.

•Track activity and maintain training records.

•Learners can complete courses at their own pace and in their own time.

Online knowledge assessments.

master data management

Our DATABASE module is an integral part of our KRONUS platform. The Database module forms the foundation of our bigger CTMS platform and allows automated dependency management between items.  Centralized interface where structure of all lookup databases can be defined and managed (i.e. Investigators, Sites, Sponsors, Regulators, IRB, Vendors etc.).


Structure of Database elements can easily be configured by the administrator of the platform.
Different Database elements can be linked together to ultimately create a complete dependency network.
Database elements can include anything from data points, upload fields and linked resources.

Picture 1.png


Picture 2.png

•We have a complete API structure and framework to allow for 3rd party vendors to share data securely with us (and us with them).

•All data is securely shared between approved parties using private security tokens following international security standards.


Allows for fully integrated and cascaded dependency management between Database elements.
Dependency between Database elements are completely configurable via the administrator portal.

digital form builder

This is our most versatile module within the KRONUS platform and allows administrators to create any kind of digital forms within minutes. We allow for different data types to be captured and this forms the base of our Database Module.


The ability to create an entire

digital form is made possible by a

couple of clicks (no development needed).

•The module allows for lots of different question types to be used to create your digital form - these include but are not limited to: text boxes, numeric fields, date pickers, upload fields, derived calculations & multiple choice options.

Picture 4.png



•It is extremely easy to create powerful and complex validation rules related to data entry once the digital forms are built.

•Examples include the comparison of dates/fields, specific masking related to data entry and ranges when it comes to numeric values.

•The platform also allows for derived calculations to be configured.

•Examples include calculating a person's Body Mass Index (BMI), calculating a person's age and date of birth from his/her ID number, etc.



•The platform is web-based and allows users to access the module using different device types (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc).

•Most of the formatting is done automatically by the system following responsive design principles which ensures a constant user experience regardless of the device type used.

•The administrator also has the ability to link specific groups of elements together on the form to further enhance this experience.

digital form builder
Picture 5.png


Easily set up and track specific

milestones related to projects. Progress

can easily be tracked using our dashboard


Each study can have its own set up with various project activities, such as, but not limited to, monitoring visits, quality issues, recruitment and enrollment progress.

Internal and External People can be linked as the Study Team, ensuring relevant roles and permissions.

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