The future of clinical trial technology

Nuvoteq is a trusted provider of digital technology solutions in the clinical and pharmaceutical research space.

Unlocking research potential, together.

Pharmaceutical companies, that rely on Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) for the successful execution of clinical trials, risk encountering delays in product launches. These delays can result in substantial loss of market share and in certain instances, surrendering patent protection of their products, should the clinical trials not be conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Inflexible methods
  • Expensive operations
  • Decreasing accuracy
Unlocking research potential

Smarter technology for better trials.

Nuvoteq offers a range of powerful software products designed to empower clinical and pharmaceutical research organisations. We follow strict industry rules for secure applications (like FDA CFR-11, EMA Annexure 11, ICH GCP), but we also focus on creating user-friendly systems that stay up-to-date with the market.



Flexible and adaptable

Flexible and adaptable

Accessible to all

Accessible to all


Efficiency meets precision.

The Nuvoteq range of products are developed in Africa and trusted by leading research organisations worldwide.



An electronic data capture (EDC) platform that enables efficient and accurate collection of clinical trial data.



A comprehensive safety reporting system, providing a centralised platform for adverse event reporting, signal detection, and risk management.



Our versatile clinical trial management system, offering end-to-end support in study planning, participant recruitment, site management, and data analysis.

Built locally. Trusted globally.

With a proven track record and successful collaborations with industry giants, Nuvoteq has gained the trust of our clients. They rely on us to deliver exceptional service and results, allowing us to foster long-term partnerships.

  • We deploy a cross-functional team of vastly experienced specialists.
  • Our global footprint spans 5 continents and over 40 countries.
  • Local and international public and private partnerships.
  • We deliver FDA-approved quality and compliance.
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Research innovation redefined.

Clients who partner with Nuvoteq consistently experience reduced costs and achieve effective clinical trial results.

When working with clients, we follow a simple and straightforward process.


Identify and understand the unique research needs.


Propose a customised and tailored digital infrastructure.


Align on the financial investment and timeline required.


Partner in developing, implementing, and executing all necessary steps.

Enhancing research. Advancing medicine.

Together, we can revolutionise the clinical research landscape and drive innovation in bringing life-changing treatments to those who need them most.