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Low code platforms

our no code platforms

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CEREBRO is our business and workflow platform which empowers the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. The functionality within the platform allows for different business processes to be configured - they include (but are not limited to) Quality Assurance,  Human Resource Management (HRM), Learning Management, Support Services, Project Management and Performance Management. 

The SOLARFLARE platform specializes in the digitization of simple and complex paper based processes. The ability to create a structure of forms and questions within minutes makes this platform very versatile. We have spent more than 5 years designing and enhancing this platform to allow for very simple processes (conducting surveys via Web/USSD/SMS) as well as very complex processes (running a clinical trial across multiple countries consisting of multiple cohorts) to be created on a FDA, EMA & GDPR validated platform


custom solutions

As nuvoteQ we focus on creating our own solutions which we make available to the market via a SaaS model. However, since inception we have decided to partner up with strategic organizations in the market to assist them in creating their own proprietary solutions. These solutions have come in various deployment methods but have all been focussed around healthcare and clinical research. Many of these customers have turned into long time partners where we've assisted them with a number of technology solutions.

proprietary solutions
Design Philosophy

our design philosophy

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technology stack

our technology and integration stack

Amazon Web Services
Linux Apache MySQL PHP
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