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workflow configurator

Managing digital workflow is crucial for all companies, and our workflow configurator does exactly that. We use our digital form builder as the base and implement basic, but robust workflow rules to assist companies with transparency and overall control of important processes.

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workflow rules

SLA Tracking



  • The workflow engine allows the administrator to create a number of different rules associated with specific steps within the workflow.

  • A single workflow entry can be split into multiple silos/steps at the same time to allow for more complex processing.

  • All the configuration is done through the front-end and requires no development skills. 

  • Specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics and/or targets can be created and associated with specific steps within a single workflow step (or groups of steps which we refer to as a silo).

  • A number of different reporting and dashboard elements are associated with these SLAs to allow for proactive management thereof.

  • The ability to create logical gates as part of the workflow process is made easy with this module.

  • It is easy for the administrator to set specific conditional rules related to a specific gate within the workflow.

  • If all conditions are not met, the workflow item will not be allowed to proceed.

Gate Management
SLA Tracking
Customized Workflow Rules
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