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Nukleus is our  Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform built for the emerging market, making use of first world technologies. The web-based platform can be accessed from any device.

Our system is designed for the collection of clinical trial data in electronic format for use mainly in clinical trails.


Phoenix EMR is our web-based Electronic Medical Records platform built according to international security standards prescribed by the FDA.


Safetybase is a Web-based platform built on the foundation of our validated EDC platform (“Nukleus”) to collect and manage adverse drug reactions between research sites and safety physician. (“In-trial surveillance”). The platform has also been adapted to function as an Adverse Drug Reaction portal in the primary healthcare space (“Post Marketing Surveillance”).


The insurance industry has been adopting drone technology rapidly over the past 18 months and our partners at DDDrones are experts in this field. We teamed up with them to digitize their entire process of surveying and reporting and the Birdbox application was born.


RHInnO Ethics enables administrators, researchers and reviewers to comprehensively manage the entire review cycle, including protocol submission, reviewing protocols, approval and follow-up through an online platform.