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The biggest and most important contributing factor for companies to move their operations and crucial processes to a digital format is for intelligent reporting. If the management of a company has real time statistics and/or information at their fingertips, they are better positioned to make strategic decisions. We have spent a long time ensuring that our platform adheres to this crucial requirement.

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Role Based

Data Access


Front End



Custom Dashboards

  • The entire platform is governed using role based access which can be configured down to specific data points.

  • Sets of data can be blocked off to certain users via a couple of clicks.

  • There are a number of standard roles and permissions shipped with the platform, but it remains fully configurable.

  • The ability to pull any combination of data from the platform is a key requirement from all our customers.

  • Our powerful filtering engine allows the user to dynamically select a single form, or a combination of forms; and apply specific selection and filtering criteria to it.

  • All the data outputs can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF and XML for further analyses or external reporting.

  • Displaying data in a graphical manner is key for top level executives - this allows them to make decisions rapidly.

  • We engage with our customers to understand their needs, and then continue to assist them with the graphical representation of their data.

Custom Form Design
Front End Configuration
Roles Based Access
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