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features shared across our platforms

DATA ENCRYPTION - The data on our platforms are encrypted and can only be decrypted with an authorized encryption key. 

ROLE BASED SECURITY - The platforms allow for different levels of access on a global access level all the way down to data point level.  Permissions are linked to roles and each user is assigned with the applicable role based on what he/she is required to do. 

RAPID FORM CREATION Administrator can configure electronic forms along with questions rapidly using our platform. 

DATA ENTRY VALIDATION -  A standard library of pre-configured front-end edit checks are shipped with our platforms - we do allow administrators to create their own validation checks using the edit check wizard tool. This allows our system to catch erroneous inputs early and therefore allow for cleaner data. 

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Documentation and versioning of documents is supported in our system. The latest uploaded document will be prevalent; however, you are able to access the previously uploaded documents at any time.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - Our platforms include a detail electronic signature service - each and every task on our system is captured and date stamped along with the user credentials. 

AUDIT TRAIL - Every single aspect of all our systems has a comprehensive audit trail from values completed by site staff to administrative functions. This allows us to know what happened, when it happened and who did it.

PDF ARCHIVING - With a single button click, the platform will allow you to make a complete PDF backup of ALL the information in the system. The entire PDF export is created as per the FDA guidelines.

CUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARDS - The dashboards are a high-level overview of the combined system data. This is useful to drill into regional or functional groups to see the performance or statistical values thereof. The dashboards are fully configurable, and permission driven.

CUSTOM REPORTING The reporting wizard allows the user to dynamically create reports from different areas in the system using a number of predefined filters. These reports can then be exported to PDF or CSV to be manipulated further on other platforms.

AUTOMATED DOCUMENT GENERATION - Our automated document/letter generation is simple, yet powerful. It allows you to automatically draw information from the platform into pre-configured spaces on the document - along with customer specific headers and footers. These documents/letters can be scheduled to send automatically based on events configured by the administrator or the letters can be manually drawn and previewed by the system users.

DERIVED CALCULATIONS - Standard derived calculations (Body Mass Index, Age derived from DOB, etc) can also be created through the derived calculation wizard. Coded Values can also be linked to Questions, which enable the system to derive the values and calculate a score once all applicable questions linked to the calculation have been completed - these types of procedures are referred to as scales

DATA WARNING (QUERY) MANAGEMENT - Data validation warnings (queries) are raised throughout the process of electronic data capturing and a query management tool is essential in dealing with this administration process.The Query management tool allows for automated communication and alerts to be sent and received.

SKIP LOGIC WIZARD - Our skip logic wizard allows the user of the system to specify specific paths the patient should follow based on values linked to patient profile. An example of this is when the gender of the patient is selected as ‘male’, all pregnancy related forms and questions will be hidden.  This type of logic can be added on any question answer value.

PROGRESSIVE WEB APP (PWA) - Even though we live in the world of connectivity, there are some instances when we do not have access to internet. We have developed a PWA version of our systems, allowing users to capture data and upload it to the cloud once they have internet connectivity again.

INTEGRATION WITH 3RD PARTY APPS - We allow for all kinds of integration with our platform using RESTful API calls – we also make use of partner companies via integration.

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