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human resources

The Human Resources (HR) module of the Cerebro platform includes the core functionality one would find in most commercial solutions today. The module is completely integrated with the rest of platform and forms part of the foundation which makes the platform work.

personel management



Employee Document 




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  • Create and manage all company department(s).

  • Multiple hierarchy levels.

  • Linking of personnel to single/multiple departments(s), staff roles(s) and line manager(s).

  • Create employee profile with customizable data points.

  • Create and manage company staff role(s).

  • Library of staff role(s).

  • Generate company organisation chart according to the department and personnel linking.

  • Ability to upload any kind of document against a personal profile or entity (PDF, Word, Excel, etc)

  • Full audit trail and version control of document history

  • Automated reminders linked to documents with expiry date

  • Ability to export the entire personal/entity profile along with links to the uploaded documents.

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  • Fully configurable

  • Load personal details

  • Add one/more secondary forms to personal profile (next of kin, medical aid information, banking details, etc)

  • Link Qualifications to your profile

  • Link previous work experience to your public profile

  • Rank and rate your skills based on years of experience

  • Integration with LinkedIN

  • Ability to search across entire employee base for specific skills needed for specific projects

CV Builder
Doc Management
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