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Our employee performance management (EPM) module allow organizations to implement a number of different elements to assist with overall employee measurement, management and appraisal. The ability to dynamically include/exclude specific KPI calculations during a performance review allows for more flexibility and 360 review.

performance contracting process

Establishing Expectations


Management Dashboard

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Performance Contracting Process
Contracting is the first step in the performance management process cycle and provides the foundation for an effective process. It includes:

  • Establishing expectations of what and how the work is to be performed.

  • Discussing and agreeing targets/expectations – clearly stated and the results measurable.

  • Discussing and agreeing how the outcomes will be measured or evaluated.

  • Documenting and electronically signing off a performance contract.

  • Contracting for development.

Team Member Performance Contract


  • Once you’ve clicked on the ‘EPM’ icon, a dashboard with your direct team member reports will display. From here, you can view the status of each member’s performance contract acceptance and performance reviewal, as and when applicable.

  • The team member is required to complete his/her performance contract and then submit it to you for your reviewal and approval. Once the team member has submitted, you will be notified, and the dashboard will indicate the status accordingly.

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