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digital form builder

This is our most versatile module within the Cerebro platform and allows administrators to create any kinds of digital forms within minutes. We allow for different data types to be captured and this also forms the base of our Workflow functionality.

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Front End



Validation Checks & Derived Calculations


Custom Form


  • The ability to create an entire digital form is made possible by a couple of clicks (no development needed).

  • The module allows for lots of different question types to be used to create your digital form - these include but are not limited to: text boxes, numeric fields, date pickers, upload fields, derived calculations & multiple choice options.

  • It is extremely easy to create powerful and complex validation rules related to data entry once the digital forms are built.

  • Examples include the comparison of dates/fields, specific masking related to data entry and ranges when it comes to numeric values.

  • The platform also allows for derived calculations to be configured.

  • Examples include calculating a person's Body Mass Index (BMI), calculating a person's age and date of birth from his/her ID number, etc.

  • The platform is web-based and allows users to access the module using different device types (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc).

  • Most of the formatting is done automatically by the system following responsive design principles which ensures a constant user experience regardless of the device type used.

  • The administrator also has the ability to link specific groups of elements together on the form to further enhance this experience.

Custom Design
Validation Checks
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