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There was a need to provide constant communication to the patient community located in rural areas by using mobile cellphone technology. This two-way communication (Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes – ePRO) is needed to determine the frequency and/or severity of possible adverse drug reactions.

technical requirements
  1. The solutions should be robust enough to include 90%+ of the rural population 

  2. The participants should be reimbursed for their expenses via the platform

  3. The feedback should be stored in a secure cloud-based platform

  4. The platform should allow for a regular schedule to be created per participant


The proposed solution was a combination between GSM (global systems for mobile communication) technology in the form of Short Messaging Service (SMS) combined with a secure web-based platform.

  1. The communication which went out to the participants on regular intervals were tracked and reported on, on a regular basis.

  2. We made use of an airtime reimbursement strategy to refund the participant in the form of airtime immediately after their interaction with the platform.

  1. The pilot was ran for 6 months and it showed a constant growth in the numbers.

  2. All participants who did not respond were contacted via phone.

  3. All reimbursement transactions completed successfully.

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