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calendar & meetings

The calendar & meetings modules within Cerebro forms an integral part of the overall functionality. The calendar components can be linked to any "date" related field in the platform - whether being an expiry date, renewal date, due date or appointment date. The meetings module allows for minute taking and actions to by dynamically taken and allocated (respectively) in real-time.

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Dynamic Meetings


  • The users will have access to a familiar calendar look and feel (broken down into day/week/month) where they will see all their data entries.

  • The Cerebro calendar can be integrated with the user's Microsoft/Google account.

  • Deadline and expiration planning becomes easy once this module is fully implemented and used across the organization.

  • The administrator can create a setting to dynamically link specific data points within the platform to the nominated user's calendar.

  • These include but are not limited to: expiration / renewal dates of important documentation, due dates of specific tasks or training events, meeting dates and due dates related to a meeting, etc.

  • Managing and running digital meetings has never been easier.

  • The meetings module allows for predefined agenda templates to be used throughout different teams.

  • These agenda (once finalized) can also be shared in the form of board packs ahead of the meeting to allow meeting attendees to review.

  • An electronic attendance register and concurrent note taking allows for minutes to be generated within moments after the meeting is concluded.

Dynamic Meetings Management
Forms Integration
Appointment Tracking
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